Thursday, March 26, 2009

Northern Guilford Middle School

  • innovative design
  • security forces you to enter the main office
  • living machine - water filtration process - water is used 2 or 3 times
  • energy star rates school
  • water retention ponds run off solar power to recirculate water
Media Center
  • rarely turn lights on
  • building is on 10 degree axis from the sun
  • raised floor system - air is floating underneath floor - no duct work
  • variable speed fans
  • system automatically switches from heat to air
  • carpet tiles (underneath is a concrete hybrid over top of subflooring access for HVAC)
  • use natural lighting, fabric baffles to direct lighting into the space
  • even light distribution
  • use of fluorescent lights in space
  • Separate wings for grade levels (fairly isolated)
  • different schedules for different grade levels
  • rooms are illuminated with daylight that is glare-free diffused sunlight. Provides full lighting levels during 2/3 of school hours
  • under floor access available throughout school
  • color strategy? - hallways have different colors and different colored lockers
  • greenhouse on campus
  • trying to avoid the use of mobile units
  • exterior light shelf, helps to bring light into the space
  • overflow spouts (water from roof)
Interior Light Shelf
  • occupancy sensor
  • light meter - measures footcandles, adjust the threshold for how much light is used in space
  • complaints from teachers about having to much light in space, making it hard to see AV screens
Solar Domestic Water Heating
  • Solar thermal panels preheat water to provide over 3/4 of the school kitchen's needs
  • angled roof to catch daylight from all angles of building
  • on average holds about 26 students
  • teachers love natural lighting; but allow issues for screen
  • no ability to open windows in the room
  • desks allow for flexibility in space
  • lots of storage - also personal storage

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