Friday, March 27, 2009

Northern Guilford High School

  • foyer - main office - guidance - ptsa
  • atrium area - where students gather - lots of natural lighting
  • designed as the heart of the school
  • college/career center for information about different colleges
Media Center
  • lots of natural lighting
  • furniture is on wheels, allos for flexibility
  • seating area (small nook)
  • central desk (should be raised) - easy space to supervise
  • problem corner (easy exit)
  • space for a digital studio
  • easily accessible computer lab
  • hard to display and hang things
  • balcony space
  • color scheme
  • no fly system in stage area
  • tech booth located in back
  • storage
  • rehearsal rooms for students - located near stage - ability to change settings in space
  • dance studio
  • different wings for different subjects

  • natural light was used throughout the spaces
  • interior signage @ both schools (not very much permanent signage, not displayed at top quality)
  • create a corridor space, not just a walkway
  • courtyards were not being used to full potential
  • work on interaction between grade levels; and better color schemes for each wing (feel a connection) (use student work - tackable surfaces)
  • disconnect between middle school and high school
  • communcal space (hallways + courtyards + individual classrooms + front entrance.

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