Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dirty Dirty - Atlanta

So everyone (well almost everyone . . ) in fourth year traveled to the great city of Atlanta for a class field trip. We got some free time on our own to explore the city and look around, and while doing this we got to enjoy some beautiful SNOW!! On Monday and Tuesday we went to different design firms and showrooms throughout the city. It was so interesting to hear professionals talk about their careers and how they got there, and some of the work they do today. We actually met with a designer who graduated from UNCG about four years ago. It was very inspiring to meet someone who actually survived Iarc and is making it in the real world. It definitely gives me hope for the future, and the motivation to reach big. Something that I really enjoyed before leaving on our trip was creating a teaser card to market myself to the design firms that we met with.

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